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Facial aesthetics

Did you know that as we age, the face loses volume and the skin’s elasticity declines dramatically? With the effects of gravity becoming all too evident, this can result in sagging, visible drooping and / or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Taking the time to target these natural ageing processes early can also prevent their occurrence in the first place. Dr. Yazdani can help maintain or bring back that sought after youthful appearance and gorgeous glow with a number of treatment offerings.

She has over a decade of experience within the arena of facial aesthetics – having spent many years mastering the art of achieving the perfect facial proportions and rejuvenation of the face and its aesthetics. She likes to keep herself up to date with all advances in this field and very recently spent time with Dr Simon Ourian, Doctor to the Kardashians and many Hollywood actors, in his clinic in Beverly Hills perfecting her art. She is also one of the leading non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic practitioners in her field and her expertise allows her to provide detailed advice on the best treatments to meet your demands. Simply call us today and come in for a consultation at Dental on the Banks when available to discuss your needs.

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