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    Dermal Lip Fillers in Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth, Poole

    Dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-invasive aesthetic treatments available on the market today. Unlike traditional facelift treatments, dermal filler injections can be used to naturally treat a variety of facial aesthetic issues in a minimally invasive manner, with a reduced risk of side-effects and little to no downtime. As we age, the skin begins to lose elasticity and its ability to produce an adequate amount of collagen to maintain moisture and volume. At the same time, gravity works on this loosened skin, pulling it downward to result in wrinkles, frown lines, loose jaw lines, and other unsightly signs of ageing, particularly around the mouth and eyes. In addition, the lips – one of the most prominent and noticeable features of a beautiful smile – begin to lose volume and definition, resulting in a thin, undefined appearance. While various brands of dermal fillers are available, most consist of gel-injectables that contain hyaluronic acid (HA). A naturally occurring substance HA moisturises the skin and encourages collagen production to improve its condition over time while providing immediate structural support to the treated area. As it is a natural substance, hyaluronic acid is easily broken down by the body over time and is also hypo-allergenic, which reduces the chance of experiencing an adverse reaction. Dermal fillers are used to treat a variety of issues with ageing skin, including naso-labial lines, marionette lines, and crow’s feet. However, they can also be used as an effective solution for lip, cheek, chin, and nose enhancement. Your treatment course will depend on your facial aesthetic goals and the condition of your skin. Treatments are typically accomplished in 15 to 30-minute appointments and offer immediate results as well as continual improvement in the look and feel of your skin over time with little to no downtime. At Dental on the Banks, we recommend scheduling top-up treatments every 6-month to maintain your youthful look and revitalised results. Dr. Yazdani can help maintain or bring back that sought after youthful appearance and gorgeous glow with a number of treatment offerings. She has over a decade of experience within the arena of facial aesthetics – having spent many years mastering the art of achieving the perfect facial proportions and rejuvenation of the face and its aesthetics. She likes to keep herself up to date with all advances in this field and very recently spent time with Dr Simon Ourian, Doctor to the Kardashians and many Hollywood actors, in his clinic in Beverly Hills perfecting her art. She is also one of the leading non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic practitioners in her field and her expertise allows her to provide detailed advice on the best treatments to meet your demands.
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