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    What is Composite Bonding?


    what is composite bonding

    Hello my name is Dr. Zohreh and I am the clinical and aesthetics director at Dental on the Banks – a new luxury dentist based in Canford Cliffs. As we often get asked ‘What is composite bonding?’, today I will be talking about this treatment which has become very popular as more and more people see the simply amazing results that it can bring. It uses composite (very lifelike white material often used in fillings) to help even teeth out by building upon them and helping to close gaps.

    It is ideal for small tweaks and touch-ups to make your smile stunning and for those who may be looking to restore both form and function to their mouth as it adapts teeth shape and size as appropriate. A great thing about it too is that it is often complete in one single appointment. This means that you can walk out of our luxurious practice with a brand new smile in only a couple of hours as completed by our specialist aesthetic dentists.

    As no drilling or no anaesthetic is involved, it is a virtually painless treatment. It works with your teeth to enhance their appearance and it is applied by hand by our specialist aesthetic dentists – meaning that you can get the exact and precise look that you desire. You can see an example of this from one of our client cases below.

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    What is Composite Bonding?

    Whether you are looking to fill some gaps between teeth, make them more uniform in shape and size or looking for that final tweak to make your smile perfect; composite bonding is the treatment for you. We price this per tooth so that you can tweak your smile by as little or as much as you like. Offering clients the next level of luxury and a personalised level of care in our digital-focused dentist; we can’t wait to welcome you to Dental on the Banks for all of your dental and aesthetic needs.

    Call us on 01202022248, e-mail or even DM us on Instagram for more information and to arrange your appointment

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