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    The best way to keep your gums and teeth healthy is by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth and booking bi-annual preventative dental care check-ups and professional dental cleanings.

    Dental Hygienist in Canford Cliffs, Poole

    Professional dental cleanings by a hygienist can help to prevent and detect tooth decay and gum disease, as well as make your teeth look cleaner and your breath smell fresher. After examining your mouth and documenting signs of gum disease such as inflammation, redness and bleeding your teeth are cleaned. Plaque and tartar are removed using special dental instruments or an ultrasonic scaler by a dental hygienist. The hygienist will polish your teeth using a power toothbrush and a special toothpaste to remove surface stains and soft deposits from your tooth enamel. The hygienist will then floss your teeth and discuss your at-home oral hygiene regime and any areas of concern. Good oral health contributes to your overall health. Poor dental hygiene can cause tooth decay and gum disease which can impair your ability to speak and eat properly, as well as lead to tooth loss. Neglecting your dental health is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other issues. Good dental hygiene starts with your at-home oral hygiene routine. Brush thoroughly twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Floss at least once per day and using an antibacterial mouthwash to remove bacteria and balance the pH in your mouth. Following this routine can keep your mouth clean and healthy.
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