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20 Haven Road, Canford Cliffs
Bournemouth, BH13 7LP


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    Dentures in Canford Cliffs, Poole

    Dentures are a very popular treatment for missing teeth. They are false teeth available to replace entire arches of missing teeth or only some. We recommend replacing missing teeth for a number of reasons; not only do gaps affect the look of your smile and your self-esteem, they also contribute to problems with speech and the ability to eat, as well as increasing the risk of oral diseases. Often Dentures can appear very artificial with unnatural colours, but at Dental on the Banks, we want to restore your confidence in Dentures by combining art with function. Keeping to our ethos of innovation and bespoke patient care, we are proud to have teamed up exclusively with the award-winning Clinical Dental Technician Chris Wibberley. Chris is an industry leader in providing Dentures that not only fit and function flawlessly, but also look impressively realistic and life-like; so much that you will find it impossible to distinguish from real teeth and gums. Our goal is to create bespoke Dentures that will make you proud to smile with confidence again! Chris’ unique approach to denture treatment earned him the top award from the British Association of Clinical Dental Technicians and he is the youngest denturist to have ever received this award. Additionally Chris’ work was recently shown in the British Dental Journal as an example of how natural dentures can look when using the correct techniques and materials. Chris will be exclusively producing dentures for Dental on the Banks in the Dorset area. Book a consultation at Dental on the Banks to find out more.

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