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    What are clear braces?


    what are clear braces woman holding invisalign aligner and closeup of woman wearning clear braces

    Clear braces can refer to two things. So when you wonder what are clear braces, this can either mean traditional ‘train track’ braces that are clear instead of metal – or it can refer to the Invisalign clear aligners system.

    Clear ‘Train Tracks’
    Traditional braces are made from metal and as such have a silver steel colour that can be seen at the brackets which attach to the teeth and the metal wire that goes through them. However a clear version of this is also available (also known as clear ceramic) where the brackets are actually white to blend in with your teeth, making them look ‘clear’. Along with this, the wire can also be transparent or different coloured to be less noticeable. As these clear braces are technically fixed braces, they will always be noticeable to a degree – but they are more discreet and inconspicuous compared to traditional silver metal braces.

    The modern and truly clear and invisible option, Invisalign are a system of clear trays that cover your teeth and are barely noticeable. Each tray is fully removable – so you can remove them to eat and drink and to brush and floss your teeth as normal. Like the name suggests, Invisalign truly are invisible as they are made from a transparent plastic-like material (their patented SmartTrack material) that allows you to straighten your smile in secret. So when people ask us what are clear braces, we ensure they know all about this modern and innovative Invisalign system so they can straighten their smile without anyone noticing!

    What are clear braces?

    Orthodontics (teeth straightening) has come a long way over the years, resulting in us being able to offer clear braces and Invisalign here at Dental on the Banks. In fact our Invisalign specialists Dr. Ramtin and Dr. Damon are among the top 300 Invisalign specialists in the world!

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