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    Smile Makeover in Bournemouth


    dental on the banks smile makeover in bournemouth

    Although another lockdown is currently upon us for the month of November 2020, we are delighted to confirm that we will be remaining open during this period – with all the appropriate measure in place to ensure your safety at all times and to allow you to continue on your dental journey with us. We provide many professional dental treatments that allow you to achieve a complete smile makeover in Bournemouth. Through great ease and comfort, we really look forward to achieving your desired dental aesthetic here at Dental on the Banks.

    composite bonding smile makeover in bournemouthSome of our most popular treatments at the moment would be composite bonding (also known as composite veneers or cosmetic bonding). This uses the white composite material to build upon your teeth to improve their shape, size, colour and uniformity. This treatment can be completed in only one simple appointment with no anesthetic or drilling required. In just two to four hours, your smile will be transformed with a careful application of composite to your teeth by our aesthetic dentist – giving you instant and amazing results.

    teeth whitening smile makeover in bournemouth

    Another one of our most popular treatments (and one of our must haves when aiming to achieve a smile makeover in Bournemouth) is our teeth whitening treatment. Chosen as a centre of excellence by Enlighten Whitening, we proudly use their premium Evolution treatment to achieve the B1 shade of white (the most desired white shade) in just two weeks. This amazing product has a guaranteed success rate, giving you a brighter, lighter and whiter smile in the comfort of your own home.

    Dental on the Banks are a leading provider of modern dentistry in Bournemouth, providing the safest and most effective treatments on a professional level that can ensure you achieve a smile makeover in Bournemouth in only a matter of weeks. Not only do we take great pride in achieving happier and brighter smiles, but we are passionate to ensure that each and every one of our patients has overall oral health and wellness. We can provide all forms of general dentistry that may be required at certain points in your life and are here to give you not only a brighter smile, but also a smile that is healthy, strong and pain free.

    We can be reached by phone, e-mail and social media (DM us on Instagram for example). You can also click / tap here to book a FREE online consultation!

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