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    Restorative Dentist in Poole


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    While we carry out a huge variety of dental and aesthetic treatments here, we are also a restorative dentist in Poole and can help with the function, health and appearance of your teeth and smile. Read on below to learn more about some of our most popular restorative dental treatments. All of these are carried out here in our custom-built clinic and you can click / tap here to get booked in with our specialist team!

    A dental crown is a covering (often made from porcelain) to cover over and protect a damaged or affected tooth from any further damage or harm. A very common treatment, they are a great option to keep the majority of your natural tooth in place – just with a discreet, natural-looking camouflage to keep it looking and working like normal.

    Dental Bridges
    If you are missing a tooth and especially if the gap is visible when you smile, a bridge may be the best option for you. This is where an artificial tooth (custom created to fit in with your smile) is used to literally bridge the gap and make it appear as if you have all of your natural teeth. There are different ways that these can be implemented depending on your case.

    smile of custom dentures from dental on the banks restorative dentist in poole

    We are delighted to work in exclusive collaboration with Chris Wibberley who is one of the top denturists in all of the UK. He custom makes dentures for our patients which not only look amazingly natural and completely lifelike; but they are also made to perfectly and comfortably fit in your mouth at all times. The image above is an example of his outstanding work.

    Known mainly as an aesthetic / cosmetic treatment, veneers are also an option if you need to restore parts or the entirety of your smile. Crafted custom per patient from the finest dental porcelain, veneers are priced per tooth and offer you a way to completely transform your smile to get your ideal smile aesthetic – while also restoring your confidence in smiling too!

    and more!
    While the above points are among our most popular restorative treatments, we offer many more and our specialist team can come up with a bespoke treatment plan to help you. When it comes to your gums for example, you can book in for the likes of a gingivectomy, mucogingival surgery and more.

    Restorative Dentist in Poole

    Have a look through our website or even our Instagram page (click / tap here) to see some more examples of our restorative work as well as the plentiful positive reviews from our patients who have come to our restorative dentist in Poole. You can then click / tap here to book your appointment and become a part of the Dental on the Banks family!

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