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    Our Most Popular Dental Treatments


    our most popular dental treatments dental on the banks

    With a specialist team who are highly trained and experienced in many areas of dentistry, there are some treatments that are our most popular dental treatments. In fact these are the most popular dental treatments in order to get a perfectly straight smile of bright white teeth. They are usually completed in the following order (all by the respective specialists here at Dental on the Banks).

    our most popular dental treatments dental on the banks invisalign before and after

    Step 1 – Invisalign (Teeth Straightening)
    If you have any misalignment or ‘crooked’ teeth etc., we start with orthodontic treatment (i.e. braces) to straighten your smile. As Invisalign specialists (Dr. Ramtin and Dr. Damon are officially recognised as among the top 300 Invisalign specialists in the entire world); we create custom Invisalign plans to help our patients to discreetly straighten their smiles with the clear Invisalign aligners. While Invisalign is our most popular orthodontic treatment, we also offer more traditional orthodontic options such as fixed metal and clear braces.

    our most popular dental treatments dental on the banks teeth whitening before and after

    Step 2 – Teeth Whitening
    After your teeth have been straightened, teeth whitening is the next step to bring your teeth to a brighter, lighter and whiter colour. Teeth whitening at Dental on the Banks takes only two weeks to complete (you wear custom made teeth trays with the whitening gels at night time) and the results can be maintained for life! The reason teeth whitening is usually completed after teeth straightening is to make sure every side and aspect of your teeth are whitened after they have been straightened into the correct position.

    our most popular dental treatments dental on the banks composite bondingbefore and after

    Step 3 – Composite Bonding
    The final finishing touch then is called composite bonding (also known as composite veneers or cosmetic bonding). This is an optional step and can be used if your teeth have uneven surfaces or edges (such as jagged edges) or are not uniform in size. This aesthetic treatment works by applying layers of white composite material (the same material used in fillings) to your natural teeth – meaning that there is no anaesthetic or drilling involved. This step is usually completed last so that the composite material can be made to match the shade of your teeth after they have been whitened in Step 2.

    Click / Tap here to book a FREE online Invisalign consultation with Dr. Ramtin or Dr. Damon (our orthodontists and Invisalign specialists) to start with Step 1 and be one step closer to your dream smile! We are a Diamond provider of Invisalign, meaning that we have helped hundreds and hundreds of our patients to safely straighten their smile!

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