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    Invisalign Diamond Provider in Poole


    invisalign diamond provider in poole dental on the banks

    We here at Dental on the Banks are an Invisalign Diamond provider in Poole (a Diamond II provider in fact). What does this mean? Well it means that we have successfully helped hundreds and hundreds of our patients to straighten their teeth and get a stunning smile with the clear aligners. Invisalign have continuously recognised us for our achievements and since we have been open, we have reached Gold, Platinum and Platinum Elite status along the way too!

    Our Invisalign specialists, Dr. Ramtin and Dr. Damon, are also officially accredited and recognised by Invisalign as among the top 300 Invisalign specialists in the entire world. So when you choose us as an Invisalign Diamond provider in Poole, you are choosing a specialist team who bring world-class care and consideration to your smile. They can also use the clear aligners to help correct any bite and / or jaw function (such as an overbite) while also widening your smile to minimise the appearance of the black corners (buccal / smile corridor) when you smile.

    We are such big fans of Invisalign because of how it seamlessly fits into the lifestyle of our patients. The trays themselves are clear and discreet and you can remove them at any time (they are fully removable). Due to this you can still eat and drink all of your favourite things as normal while also being able to both brush and floss your teeth like you always have. You must wear your Invisalign for at least 22 hours per day ideally, but the system does allow for some flexibility now and then – making Invisalign fit into a wide array of lifestyles and routines.

    Invisalign Diamond Provider in Poole

    You can click / tap here to arrange a FREE online consultation with one of the Dental on the Banks team. You can have all of your questions answered, get the Invisalign treatment explained to you in detail and even discuss our manageable monthly payment plans should you wish – prices start from only £70 per month! One final detail – when you choose Invisalign at Dental on the Banks, we also include FREE teeth whitening and tooth contouring for you!

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