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    How Does Invisalign Work?


    how does invisalign work at dental on the banks dentist in canford cliffs

    Invisalign is a very popular, modern and effective way to a straight smile and while many know about it, patients sometimes wonder ‘How does Invisalign work?’; so here we explain just that! Did you know? We are one of the top providers of Invisalign in the UK (a Diamond II provider) and Dr. Ramtin and Dr. Damon (our Invisalign specialists) are officially among the top 300 specialists in the entire world!

    How Does Invisalign Work?

    how does invisalign work at dental on the banks dentist in canford cliffs

    Put simply, Invisalign are clear plastic trays (or aligners) that you wear on your teeth to straighten them. You change to a new tray each week – and each one is slightly different as they work to gradually straighten your teeth with every tray change (and every movement they cause). You get a full 3D scan of your teeth and mouth here at Dental on the Banks before treatment starts – and this scan is used by the Invisalign labs to custom make your trays.

    Laser cut to ensure comfort and fit at the gumline and made from Invisalign’s specially made SmartTrack material, the trays are thin, lightweight and flexible. They are clear too so you can straighten you smile discreetly in secret! Perhaps on the best features of Invisalign is how they work with any lifestyle. They are fully removable – so you can take them out any time you want! This means that all during your treatment, you can still eat and drink all of your favourite things and brush and floss your teeth as normal too!

    Treatment time can be quick with some cases complete in as little as three months! Invisalign is painless, comfortable and for many patients they even describe it as enjoyable! For all of our Invisalign patients here at Dental on the Banks, we also give you FREE teeth whitening afterwards to show off your new straight teeth in style. If you would like to pay monthly for Invisalign, we have payment plans starting from only £70 per month!

    Click / Tap here to book a FREE online Invisalign consultation with Dr. Ramtin or Dr. Damon (our orthodontists and Invisalign specialists) to find out how Invisalign at Dental on the Banks can help you! We are a Diamond II provider of Invisalign, meaning that we have helped hundreds and hundreds of our patients to safely straighten their smile!

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