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    Difference Between Invisalign and Fixed Braces


    difference between invisalign and fixed braces dental on the banks

    Wondering if there is a difference between Invisalign and fixed braces? There are many differences between the two and that is why we are such huge fans of Invisalign in Bournemouth here at Dental on the Banks. Read on below to learn about the main differences between Invisalign and fixed braces – also known as ‘fixed braces’.

    As you may know, the Invisalign trays are fully removable which means you can take them out whenever you want. Fixed braces are the complete opposite as like the name suggests, they are affixed to your teeth and can only be removed once your teeth straightening treatment is fully completed.

    You can still brush and floss your teeth as normal with Invisalign because you take them out so they are not in the way when doing these things. Fixed braces present more of a challenge in that you have to work around the wires and brackets and therefore often need additional tools such as interdental floss, specialised tooth floss and more.

    Eating and Drinking
    There are no limits or restrictions to keep in mind when it comes to having Invisalign and eating and drinking. This is again because you take your Invisalign out of your mouth to eat and drink. More caution needs to be exercised with fixed braces as it can be often advised to avoid certain foods that may break or snap wires or even get intertwined in them.

    One of the things we love most about Invisalign is that the trays are clear and discreet. Like their name suggests (a combination of the words ‘invisible’ and ‘align’), they are practically invisible. On the other hand, fixed braces showcase their metal wires and brackets and even the clear version (ceramic brackets) are not fully invisible and are somewhat blocky.

    While treatment times will always depend on a case by case basis, some Invisalign cases can be complete in as little as three months. Treatment times can be relatively short with fixed braces too as some cases here can be complete in between six to twelve months. But overall Invisalign always seems to be a more time efficient solution to teeth straightening.

    difference between invisalign and fixed braces dental on the banks

    Difference Between Invisalign and Fixed Braces
    As you can see, the many differences tip the scales in favour of Invisalign when it comes to the areas of placement, hygiene, eating and drinking habits, lifestyle and even the duration of treatment. We are a Diamond II provider of Invisalign as we have helped hundreds and hundreds of patients to straighten their smiles with them. You can click / tap here to book a FREE online Invisalign consultation with our team!

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