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    Aesthetics and Dermal Fillers in Bournemouth


    dermal fillers in bournemouth

    Skin, muscle, fat and bone are the major components of the face which can visually lose volume and firmness – causing us to all experience different signs of ageing. That’s when dermal fillers come in. Our highly experienced Dr. Zohreh (trained in L.A. by Dr. Simon Ourian – aesthetic doctor to the Kardashians and Jenners) completes lip filler, non-surgical rhinoplasty / nose job and chin and jawline augmentation using the industry leading Juvéderm brand of dermal filler. These aesthetics and dermal fillers treatments in Bournemouth are held in our bespoke aesthetics suite here at Dental on the Banks.

    Lip Fillers (Symmetrica™)

    Dr. Zohreh has developed a trademark lip filler technique called Symmetrica™ which she uses for perfect lip filler results. It measures multiple lines and angles of the lips to ensure perfect proportions, harominsation with the facial features and that the filler is inserted at the optimum parts of the lips. The industry-leading Juvéderm dermal filler consists of a base of hyaluronic acid (HA) and is specifically designed to restore facial contours, add volume and plump and to achieve your desired aesthetic with natural looking results. Her lip filler treatment is very popular at the aesthetics suite as her expertise is placed in achieving the perfect lip enhancement to suit each client. Lip filler treatments allow for a very natural and subtle plump to achieve the desired lush lip look. Your results can last from six months all the way up to eighteen months or more – although individual results can vary and will depend on the amount of filler used also.

    Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

    Known also as the non-surgical nose job, this is another very popular treatment using dermal fillers in Bournemouth. This is used to alter the shape and aesthetic of your nose. While it can be referred to as a nose job, it can achieve amazing results without any invasive surgery involved. This treatment is also completed by using the industry leading Juvéderm dermal filler to structure the nose and improve the appearance, to change the shape of the nose, reduce the appearance of bumps – or even repair injuries. As always, Dr. Zohreh takes extreme care when completing her dermal filler treatments. She holds consultations with her clients, reaching a clear understanding of what will be achievable with this treatment. Your results can last from six months all the way up to eighteen months or more – although individual results can vary and will depend on the amount of filler used also.

    Chin and Jawline Fillers

    The aesthetics suite also offers the highly demanded chin and jawline filler treatment – again completed by Dr. Zohreh. As we age, our jawline from ear to chin can become less smooth and defined as our collagen stores reduce. This can cause other interruptions and signs of ageing such as sagging of the lower cheek area too. Chin and jawline filler treatments can be used to achieve facial harmony by strengthening the chin and jawline, softening jowls and even reduce the appearance of a double chin. Your desired aesthetic will be instant after your treatment with Dr. Zohreh and can last up to six to twelve months (which will also vary from patient to patient).

    Dental on the Banks are passionate about delivering quality treatments in the beautiful aesthetics suite with the highly regarded Dr. Zohreh. As part of our passion for perfection, we only provide the best experience with industry-leading products and years of expertise to give you the aesthetic you have always desired.

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