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    A Whiter Smile in Time for Christmas


    a whiter smile in time for christmas dental on the banks

    If you want a whiter smile in time for Christmas, start our dentist-prescribed teeth whitening as soon as possible! As we know, the festive season of Christmas and New Year is a time when many photos, videos and selfies are taken. A beautiful bright white smile is very noticeable in these – just as much as teeth that are discoloured or have a yellowish tinge to them are. Which smile aesthetic would you prefer?

    Our premium teeth whitening (Enlighten smiles) takes two weeks to complete and we also have to factor in time to create custom teeth trays for your mouth too. You wear these trays every night for two weeks and add the premium whitening gels to them to get your brighter, lighter and whiter smile. So the total treatment time can be a little over two weeks – meaning the sooner you book in (click / tap here to book!) the better to have your teeth whitening journey started and ideally completed before Christmas.

    With Enlighten, you get a strong whitening gel that can only be prescribed by a dentist as it is stronger than what can be bought by patients themselves online or over the counter. Instead of weaker whitening strips and toothpastes that can damage teeth by bleaching and / or dehydrating them to make them temporarily appear whiter; our premium teeth whitening instead triggers a chemical reaction to turn them white. In fact we guarantee that you get the B1 shade of white – the most desired shade – with Enlighten teeth whitening at Dental on the Banks.

    A Whiter Smile in Time for Christmas

    If you needed any more of an incentive to get premium teeth whitening, Enlighten Smiles have selected us as a regional centre of excellence to offer their teeth whitening system! So with us you can be sure of a safe, reliable and effective teeth whitening system that is guaranteed to work. You can also purchase additional syringes of whitening gels to top-up your results and keep your teeth as white as possible throughout the year too!

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