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    5 Signs of Healthy Teeth


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    While the appearance of your teeth and smile is part of your overall aesthetic, it can also show how healthy your teeth are too. Here we talk you through 5 signs of healthy teeth but know that you should book regular check-ups with your dentist (click / tap here to book) as they are your best option to monitor and enhance the health of your teeth.

    Tooth Colour
    We all want a bright white smile and our premium teeth whitening is perfect to achieve this. But before you start your teeth whitening journey, you come to see us beforehand so we can check the health of your teeth and mouth. This is because discoloured / yellowing teeth can be an oral health sign to look out for – such as a buildup of plaque that may require a dental hygienist appointment before your teeth whitening can begin.

    5 signs of healthy teeth teeth whitening before and after at dental on the banks

    Bad Breath
    Nobody likes bad breath and apart from it being annoying and off-putting, it can also be a sign of your teeth and mouth health. For example, persistent bad breath could be caused by a cavity that you have – whether you know you have a cavity or do not realise it yet (i.e. it may be small and not causing you pain or at the very back of your mouth etc.). Bad breath can be an indicator of your oral health – so please raise this with your dentist if you suffer from it.

    No Cavities
    Following the last point, having no cavities (also known as caries or tooth decay) is another sign of healthy teeth. Cavities are essentially small holes in your teeth that can get bigger over time if left untreated and cause serious problems with your teeth and mouth. Even the onset of a cavity is not ideal as it is permanent damage to your tooth enamel and so getting a filling as soon as possible is always best – before the roots of your teeth become affected.

    Strong Teeth
    Do your teeth feel sore or even move a little when eating certain foods like biting into an apple for example? The strength of your teeth is also an indicator of their health. Our teeth are obviously there to help us chew and eat food, so if you are experiencing any discomfort when using your teeth – they may be weaker due to many different lifestyle and / or genetic factors. Discuss this at your check-up and our team can help to remove pain and discomfort.

    5 signs of healthy teeth treatment room at dental on the banks

    Strong Gums
    As our teeth are literally rooted into our gums, gum health is hugely important too and should never be neglected. Signs to look out for include any pain or discomfort, bleeding and if the colour of your gums (or part of your gums) changes and gets lighter, darker or patchy. Just like teeth, gums can also experience health problems such as gingivitis and our specialist team can help here with the treatments we can offer here at Dental on the Banks.

    5 Signs of Healthy Teeth

    While the above information is useful to be aware of, nothing beats your dentist checking your teeth and mouth to ensure they are healthy and to manage them if needs be. You can click / tap here to book in for a check-up here at Dental on the Banks!

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